About Me !

Where it all started

Thereís not much to say about me.  Erm.. I took up drawing after a wet day in a caravan and using some pencils to draw the view from the caravan site in 2002.   Didnít do much until 2005, when we visited the Llangollen Steam Railway and took loads of photos - as you tend to with digital cameras.  I liked one of the photos of the bridge at Carrog Station and thought Iíd have a go at drawing it.  I enjoyed drawing it and liked the results so I decided to try drawing other things.  Next was a couple of steam lorries and steam showmans engine.

We detoured to Carrog whilst on a journey to Porthmadog to take more photos, which resulted in the view of the station from the bridge. These two pictures have been on sale at the railway, at Carrog Jaz 100 x 200station, to raise a few pounds in funds (though that does depend on them actually selling - which is a different matter)

Iíve managed to attempt quite a range of subjects including animals, steam driven vehicles, some landscapes and even a couple of portraits. The portraits looked good at the time but now look terrible now Iíve got a bit more experience under my belt, but thatís what learning is all about!

I must give a big vote of thanks to those talented people at Scribble Talk which is a growing band of pencil artist who are more than ready to use their experience to give good advice to the likes of me. Thanks

About Me
Carrog WIP 150w