This is my Works In Progress page.

Probably not a lot will change here as drawing time is very limited.

Last updated Feb 2012

Gulls at Pennington

Gulls at Pennington Flash

This drawing is nearly finished apart from a bit of darkening to improve the contrast and fattening of the top leftmost gull.  It was drawn from a photograph taken in October 2007 at Pennington Flash nr Leigh.  The drawing is graphite on Bristol Board Smooth.

Magpie on bath WIP2

This is a picture of a magpie dipping a piece of bread in the birdbath to soften it. This had been witnessed daily and eventually became a new subject for me to draw.  The only media was colour pencil on the basis that magpies are basically black and white and would blend into the background if drawn in graphite.

I have had some advise from those talented people at Scribble Talk which I am currently, if slowly, putting into practice. Thanks.

Magpie on bath WIP3

This Falcon is my current work in progress, which I carry in my van, in case the mood takes me to work on it at dinner time. As I now work as part of a team of engineers there is rarely such a thing as a quiet dinner.

The drawing still needs a lot more detail and definition and I also need to improve its values.  A bit of blending wouldn’t go amiss.

Carrog WIP 150w