Rio in the Ivy

This is Rio, belonging to next door but one - though we think he forgets that sometimes, especially on cold nights. He has a sister, Ruby, though she is really timid and we only ever see her from a distance, the complete opposite of her brother. Rio is a the largest cat in the area but a real gentle giant with both people and other cats.  He has, however, seen off another large cat that bullied all the local cats - we donít see it around here anymore.

He is a clever cat as he has worked out that our cat flap locks only for ingress and has worked out how to open the flap outwards, get his head under it and access the warmth and food that by rights isnít his.  His owner thinks he spend cold nights sleeping with the horses in the barns at the back...Hmm... if only!

This drawing is from when he was till young and was still wary of us.  He was on top of the ivy covered shed and tried to hide behind a leaf when he realised Iíd spotted him - cue camera.

I drew this while accompanying Simon to a chess tournament at Ormskirk - much to the interest of other parents around me.

Rio in the Ivy
Carrog WIP 150w